Best blockchain & Crypto Smartphones 2022 | HTC Exodus Or OSOM Ov1’s Solana Saga Price & Privacy Comparison

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The smartphone industry has been the same with no major disruption in over a decade. With blockchain technology taking the world by storm and disrupting even the most stable markets, it is no surprise to see the effects in the smartphone scene. Although not as revolutionary as the crypto finance sector, this is the first step towards a whole new chapter for mobile phones. That’s precisely what the privacy-focused OSOM OV1 smartphone is doing since last year. Just in case you’re unacquainted with the OSOM brand, it’s a brand-new startup established by former Essential employees.

We finally found additional information on OSOM OV1, which has been delayed to early 2023. It comes with high-end, flagship-grade specifications and a price tag of $1,000 to match. During a massive twist, however, OSOM is not any longer selling the OV1 as its own product. It has instead partnered with Solana, a blockchain company. As it’s now known, Solana Saga promises “unique practicality and features tightly integrated with the Solana Blockchain”. OSOM’s initial goal was to deliver a robot smartphone that focused on privacy and security.

Store Crypto Wallet Keys & Fingerprints Securely in Phones With Solana Mobile Stack

It’s unclear what makes the Solana heroic tale different from previous niche blockchain/cryptocurrency smartphones. The official website contains some selections such as “re-imagining web3 for mobile” and “removing friction for self-custody.” we have a tendency to once detected similar one-dimensional claims from corporations like HTC with their HTC exodus series.

It turns out, however, that the company has also announced a package development kit called the Solana Mobile Stack. Essentially, it gives robot developers the tools to create secure cryptocurrency wallets and Web3 apps. You can almost compare the stack to Google Mobile Services (GMS), except for a far, far more niche use case. Each Solana Saga comes pre-installed with the Solana Mobile Stack. Users may also be able to store their cryptocurrency wallet keys in a secure area on the device. This is often the same security mechanism used by alternative robot phones to protect sensitive information like fingerprints.

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