Like Stripe, Taylor Made & Dello to Offer Fiat to Crypto Payment Gateway For Businesses on Website 2022

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With the overwhelming popularity of cryptocurrency and blockchain, people have forgotten the real reason these tokens were created. As these coins proved to be valuable investments in 2020 and 2021, users started focusing only on their HODLing and trading values. Bitcoin was originally created as an alternative payment method. Now with the crypto markets crashing, developers have started to direct their attention to real utilities of blockchain projects.

With the help of Montreal-based fintech company Dello, leading consignor Taylor Made Sales will offer its customers cryptocurrency payments.

“Taylor Made has clients all over the world,” said Taylor Made CEO Mark Taylor. Our goal is to make things as easy as possible for them. As Taylor Made stated in a press release, “accepting cryptocurrency makes good business sense.” Dello enables sellers to accept cryptocurrency without ever converting it or handling it directly. Crypto payments are settled in local currency, so the seller doesn’t need to change his accounting procedures. Dello guarantees the seller receives the exact amount they charged the customer, minus a small fee, by converting the crypto to local currency at purchase time.

“Dello provides merchants with a comfort zone for accepting crypto,” explained Olivier Benloulou, President of Dello. The adoption of crypto-enabled payments has been hampered by concerns about price volatility and tax issues. Using our service, merchants can venture into the world of crypto with fewer concerns. Taylor Made will begin accepting crypto payments for all of its services this month, which is an honor.

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