Top Most Profitable Cryptocurrency Coins On the Surge in 2021

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Top Most Profitable Cryptocurrency Coins On the Surge in 2021

There is an exponential growth of crypto currencies on a daily basis. Institutional investors have joined the crypto community, increasing adoption rates and the amount of investment thrown into the technology. The crypto market cap is currently $2.3 trillion and is expected to grow to $2 trillion by the end of 2025. Suppose you’re curious about investing in or taking advantage of the crypto community. You should do your research on crypto search engine optimization sites where you can learn about the top cryptocurrencies to invest in for 2021. Despite the fact that there are numerous contents online, UniK SEO, for instance, provides detailed information on where to buy cryptocurrencies easily.

If you are going to invest in the crypto community, you should at least have some understanding of what it entails. Once that is accounted for, then you can proceed to the top cryptocurrencies to invest in for 2021. Below are some of them

Top 5 cryptocurrencies on crypto SEO sites you should consider investing 


Oh! I’m sorry if you were expecting Bitcoin. No, bitcoin is not top of the list.Cardano has consistently been on the top 10 cryptocurrencylist not because of its price but because of the upgrades in its blockchain. Cardano is third-generation crypto popularly known as the Ethereum-killer because it’s an improved version of Ethereum. It is such that it can run smart contract apps better than Ethereum. Although its current price is about $2.12, its recent upgrade into Alonzo is aimed to shoot its price upwards. ADA is the native token on the Cardano blockchain, and it’s one of the best cryptos you should invest in, in 2021.


There’s no going back to Ethereum! You just have to understand that the Ethereum network is one of the best and fastest you’d ever see. Ethereum is one of those few cryptos that have a huge fan base and real-time investors. Although the gas fee on the Ethereum network isn’t encouraging, Ethereum aims to complete its transitioning into the Ethereum 2.0 fully before the end of 2021 and move from the proof-of-work to the proof-of-stake consensus to improve its scalability. Its price lingers at around $4000, making it one of the best investments you can have in the crypto community.

Bitcoin Cash:

The most interesting fact about these cryptos is that you don’t have to do anything. All you need to do is hold them in your private wallets, and when they’ve tripped or quadruped your capital, you sell them off. Bitcoin cash was formed during the 2017 bitcoin hard fork. Although the price of bitcoin and bitcoin cash can’t be compared, it is fair to admit that bitcoin cash’s growth has been somewhat thrilling compared to some older altcoin. 2020 was one of those years when bitcoin cash suffered lots of declination in growth. Investors and crypto enthusiasts believe 2021 is for recovery. However, bitcoin cash is not as stable as BTC; it remains one of the best investments in 2021.


Most crypto SEO sites will have one or two to say about ripple. Ripple is one of the most controversial cryptos in the crypto community. It is such that it always makes the news, and this has made it gain quite a lot of popularity even amongst crypto investors. Ripple is one of the fastest yet slow-growing cryptos to improve the financial sector with more secured cross-border transactions. Its price is relatively low, putting it on the list of the best long-term investment any crypto enthusiast or investor should possess.


It’s okay to save the best for the last, and that’s where we have bitcoin. It’s impossible to discuss crypto without mentioning bitcoin. Bitcoin is not only the father of cryptocurrency or the first of its kind; it aims at replacing fiat moneyto become the future of money. However, since its development, it has been doing that exceptionally. Bitcoin’s price is currently above $60,000. It can surpass that level to about $75,000 before the end of 2021, making it one of the best investments in the crypto community. The growth of bitcoin this past decade is one of the best in every market, even gold does not have the type of growth bitcoin and the crypto community has enjoyed, and there’s still capacity to do even better. If you are in for some long-term investment with huge capital, you should probably go for bitcoin! It’s worth every shot.

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