Best Global Crypto Exchange Platforms Other Than Coinbase | Gemini, Tradestation & eToro Apps, Fees & Bonus Rates Reviewed 2022

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Traders choose crypto exchanges based on their needs. With crypto and blockchain scams becoming more frequent, users need to keep security in mid while choosing their DEX platform. Other than the largest exchanges like Binance and Coinbase there are only a few exchanges that offer great security along with a seamless user experience. Let us look at some  overlooked exchanges with great features.

SOC 2 Certified Gemini Offers FDIC Insurance For Wallet Protection

The platform offers several security features to protect user funds, which is a top concern for cryptocurrency investors. Recently, the company became SOC 2-certified and offered FDIC insurance on deposits up to $250,000 in U.S. dollars and digital asset insurance on funds held in its hot wallet. Users can protect their funds from theft or hacking with these security measures. A new Gemini user must first provide their name and email address, confirm it by email, set up multi-factor authentication, and verify their identity.

TradeStation Crypto Exchange For Low Rates & Bitcoin Trading

In addition to offering many tools, TradeStation allows users to trade cryptocurrencies. There are, however, several areas where it falls short. The platform has a large selection of cryptocurrencies, but lacks certain features that make it attractive to active traders. In addition, it offers a limited selection of mutual funds, such as no transaction fee funds and fractional shares. Those who are new to the crypto market can benefit from the platform’s robust simulated trading environment. Users can test their trading ideas and hone their skills this way. To get started, traders must familiarize themselves with the platform. Despite some users finding the interface overwhelming, the platform is easy to use. Therefore, it is likely to become a popular choice among serious traders.

Beginners Can Copy Experienced Traders For Safe Crypto Token Trading on eToro

Even though it has many features for advanced investors, it may not be suitable for beginners. It doesn’t offer rare cryptocurrencies, but beginners can copy their favorite star traders and potentially make big profits. eToro also offers a variety of cryptocurrencies, but its all-in trading costs are much higher than those of its competitors. In addition to its crypto trading capabilities, eToro also has other advantages, like security.

Bybit India Apps, 2FA Security & Bonuses Reviewed

Bybit is a good choice for investing in cryptocurrencies, but you should also consider its customer service. You should be able to speak with a live agent or customer service representative. Having your account locked is one of the most frustrating aspects of crypto trading. When trying to resolve a problem, automated bots are not very helpful. Live chat support is available 24 hours a day at Bybit.. Users are required to enable API management verification and enable two-factor authentication (2FA). It also offers users email and SMS authentication for login, withdrawal, and password reset. A history of the user’s account can also be viewed. Additionally, their order histories allow them to view all transactions and balances.

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